Group Conscience!


The 3rd Wednesday of Every Month



Phone number: 1-346-248-7799

Meeting ID: 238-017-018

Password: 1935



Come be an active part of your group!



Be of Service and become Super Sober!!

Coordinator & Alternate

General Service Representative (GSR) & Alternate

Secretary & Alternate

Treasurer & Alternate

Literature Representative & Alternate

Supplies Representative & Alternate

Intergroup Representative & Alternate

Public Information Representative & Alternate

Phone Service Representative

Treatment and Facilities Representative & Alternate

Correctional Facilities Representative & Alternate

Grapevine Representative & Alternate

Website Representative & Alternate

Special Needs Chairperson

Special Committee Chairperson

For a Detail description of each Service Position please click the By-Law link below! 

Friendship Group By-Laws

...we aren't a glum lot.

2020 Friendship Group

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